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Port scanner for Cisco IOS

Open letter to Cisco Systems: When are you going to start building more network troubleshooting and monitoring commands into your operating systems? Case and point, why isn’t there any sort of port scanner or host discovery command available for Cisco … Continue reading

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Initial Setup of Amazon Linux AMI in the EC2 Cloud

The following guide shows how in 10 easy steps you can connect to and perform a base configuration of an Amazon Linux AMI running in the EC2 cloud.  The configuration includes customization and important security settings. Amazon’s native Linux AMIs … Continue reading

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httpd: source RPM build error regarding MMN

The Problem:  There’s a bug in the httpd.spec file of certain releases of the Apache httpd server source RPM.  This definitely affects recent versions of Fedora, and perhaps other Redhat-based Linux distros. You may encounter this if you find yourself … Continue reading

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Inter-VLAN routing on a Cisco ASA with same security interfaces

The Problem: You’re setting up inter-VLAN routing on your Cisco ASA firewall  (5510, et al) using sub-interfaces.  There should be no restrictions on what traffic can flow where between the internal VLANs, so you’ve set the same security level on … Continue reading

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Trunk connection problems between ASA firewall and Cisco switch

The Problem: You’ve set up a trunk link between a Cisco ASA firewall (5505, 5510, et al) and a Cisco switch (2960, 3560, et al). However, you’re not able to establish a connection between them at either Layer 2 or … Continue reading

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